The Naim Uniti network-enabled CD receiver is now improved in different ways

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Naim Uniti network CD receiver

Naim Uniti network CD receiver with Naim’s distinct CD-loading tray – now has been improved to the Uniti 2

I have done some previous coverage on the Naim Uniti, which is a premium network-enabled CD receiver. This, like the Rotel RCX-1500 that I previously reviewed, is one of those CD receivers that could just be hooked up to a pair of premium-grade loudspeakers to make a high-quality three-piece music system suitable for the likes of a city apartment or unit in a retirement village. Here, I cited this model as part of premium audio accepting the DLNA-based home media network; as well as mentioning it in my write-up about the Australian Audio & AV Show 2011.

But Naim have revised this unit and released the Uniti 2. Here, this unit is equipped with a power amplifier that is more powerful, thus allowing it to work with larger speakers that need more of the power. Similarly, this could play in to the hands of those of us who have a large open-plan living area and want to have the music fill that area, while wanting a music system that doesn’t physically dominate that area.

As well, there have been a few other technical improvements on the digital-analogue conversion chain where the digital bits from the CD, DAB, Internet radio, local data storage (including Apple iOS devices) and the DLNA Home Media network become the music we hear. Similarly the CD transport which uses the swing-out CD tray has been improved for better stability and sound quality.

What I see of this is that it is a continuing example of the way the premium audio companies are seeing the standards-based home network as a capable program source for good-quality music. Similarly this player, like the Rotel RCX-1500, is showing that there are single-piece multi-function music systems out there that aren’t second-class systems.

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