The Sony VAIO Tap 20 being used in a family with different computing skill levels

Article – From the horse’s mouth (Microsoft)

The Sony VAIO Tap 20 at Home with my Family

My Comments

I had just read this article which was part of Microsoft’s Windows blog and had noticed how the Sony VAIO Tap 20 tablet computer had fitted in with a household where there were different computing skill levels and desires. Here the computer was being brought around by Leigha Anderson, the author of the article I am citing, to her parents’ home which is what I would describe as a “family house”.

The article had highlighted situations like 13-year-old children sitting on the sofa in the lounge room and watching each other play a jigsaw puzzle game on the Tap 20 along with adult members of the family having it lying flat on the kitchen bench in order to read articles they had come across on the Internet. An example of this was taken further was when Leigha showed her father how the computer could be positioned and he was impressed with the different angles.

Even the concept of implementing different logins for each user appealed because it allowed the computer to be set up for each person’s own “comfort zone”. In my opinion this would help with bridging the gap for older people who aren’t all that comfortable with using the home computer.

Of course, if you are setting this or other similar equipment up for your parents or others with limited computer skills, you may need to work through the Windows Store yourself to choose the right software. This is so you don’t have the computer swamped with “rubbish” software that can slow down its performance.

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