It would be a good idea to visit this site even if you subscribe via other means

Most of you who follow via a subscription method like RSS Webfeeds, email or the Facebook Page may not visit the site once you have started your subscription.

But it is worth visiting it regularly because of a number of features that are part of the site when you visit it.

For example, you can browse around the products that I have reviewed or the feature articles that I have written, including the buyers’ guides. I have even prepared “one-click” article lists for small-business computing and travel / lifestyle computing.

There is also access to reference information so you can look up computer terms, network terms or audio and AV terms that I will mention in the articles that you receive.

Of course there is an “About This Blog” page including some directly-accessible subpages about work I have done as well as where I stand regarding the content in this site. You also have a chance to contact me through the contact form, including the ability to raise your technical questions here.

You can browse around the articles or do a search on particular terms and concepts by using the “Search” boxes. Similarly, visiting this site gives you the opportunity to add on a subscription via another method.

So even if you do subscribe to via email, the RSS Webfeeds or the Facebook pages, take a chance to head there to engage with it further.

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