SiliconDust now has a DLNA-capable broadcast-LAN tuner for European DVB-C cable-TV setups

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Those of us who are in Europe and who watch cable TV through an unencrypted DVB-C setup can benefit from a DLNA-capable broadcast-LAN tuner that works with these setups. The SiliconDust HDHomeRun 4DC implements 4 RF front-ends to allow tuning in to 4 cable multiplexes at once. But this may mean that more the four programmes from different cable channels can be seen at once.

Of course, it will present the channels as part of its role as a DLNA media server which means that Smart TVs, PS3s, XBox 360s and DLNA-capable Blu-Ray players like the Sony BDP-S390 can pick up these channels without a cable outlet near them. But of course, there is the ability to work with other TV-broadcast software that works with most broadcast-LAN tuners.

That fact that it supports unencrypted channels only would work OK with European cable-TV setups where the free-to-air channels and, in some cases, basic cable channels are delivered “in the clear” to customers in a manner where they don’t need to use a set-top box to receive these channels. It would also encompass those SMATV (satellite master antenna TV) setups in multiple-tenancy buildings where the satellite signals as well as over-the-air TV signals are redistributed in the building using DVB-C technologies.

At least I see the latest iteration of the HDHomeRun broadcast-LAN boxes with DLNA MediaServer and compatible with digital TV standards implemented in UK, Europe, Asia and Oceania being rolled out, this putting these standards on the DLNA Home Media Network.

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