Pioneer releases the single-piece DJ system with CD and Wi-Fi

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The XDJ-R1 all-in-one DJ system – the portable, rekordbox ready DJ unit that delivers wireless control from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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Pioneer have been establishing a Wi-Fi LAN-based setup to allow desktop and mobile computing equipment to work with some of their DJ equipment like the XDJ-AERO DJ console and the CDJ-2000Nexus CD player. Here, they integrated the ability to establish a small Wi-Fi network that encompasses the DJ’s table to link the devices together.

Now they have built the XDJ-R1 which is another network-capable DJ workstation that incorporates 2 CD drives so DJs can work between CDs, file-based media and other sources. This unit also exploits the Wi-Fi LAN not just for content transfer but to allow the DJ to use an iPhone or iPad as a control surface, including the ability toe manage the sound mix and effects from the iOS device. This is courtesy of the remoteBox app which provides the control-surface function for this console. With this, the DJ can keep the show going with the desired effects without being near their table, which can come in handy if they want to interact with the crowd such as to organise a social dance, or the event’s special hosts i.e. the birthday person or the lucky couple.

Of course this DJ workstation has abilities similar to the higher-end Pioneer Pro DJ mixers which allows for the DJ to pull some impressive effects and mix conditions in to the show.

But what I am impressed about is that the XDJ-R1 “all-in-one” DJ workstation has been factored not just for use in the nightclub DJ booth but is easy to setup for DJs who work many different locations like private parties, bar gigs and outdoor gigs. As well, the XDJ-R1 has “best-case” connectivity to hi-fi and PA amplifiers; and “house” sound systems through its use of the balanced XLR connections along with the RCA connections.

This shows that Pioneer is factoring in the small network as a tool for the DJ’s table when it comes to having access to file-based audio content or using a tablet as a control surface.

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